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One Love lyric - Arashi

Tsutaetakute tsuwaranakute
Toki ni wa sunao ni narezu ni
Nai ta kisetsu wo koeta bokura wa
Ima totemo kagayaiteru yo

Sore zore egaku shiawase no katachi wa kasanari
Ima ooki na ai ni naru
Zutto futari de ikite yukou

Hyaku nen saki mo ai wo chikau yo
Kimi wa boku no subete sa
Shinjiteiru tada shinjiteru
Onaji toki wo kizamu hito e
Donna kimi mo donna boku demo
Hitotsu hitotsu ga itoshii
Kimi ga ireba nani mo iranai
Kitto shiawase ni suru kara

Ame no naka de kimi wo matteta
Yasashisa no imi sae shirazu
Surechigai ni kizutsuita yoru
Sore demo koko made kitanda

Kakegae no nai deai wa kiseki wo tsunaideku
Omoide kasanari au
Hajimari no uta nari hibi ite

Donna toki mo sasaete kureta
Warai naita nakama e
Kokoro komete tada hitotsu dake
Okuru kotoba wa arigatou

Hyaku nen saki mo ai wo chikau yo
Kimi wa boku no subete sa
Aishiteiru tada aishiteru onaji asu yakusoku shiyou
Sekai juu ni tada hitotsu dake
Boku wa kimi wo eranda
Kimi to ireba donna mirai mo
Zutto kagayaiteiru kara



I wanted to tell you, but could not.
Though it is not possible to become obedient at times,
We shine very much now overcoming the crying season.

Drawing each and every overlapping shape of happiness now made of great love.
Let's always live abruptly together.

I promise to love you for 100 years.
You are my everything.
You need to believe, just believe.
To the person who carves the same time

Any you and any me
Each one is loved.
I do not need anything as long as you are here.
I will always make you happy.

I was waiting for you in rain and I did not even know the meaning of gentleness
That painful night we passed by each other
But I still came here

An irreplaceable meeting ties the miracle.
The song of the memories overlapping and of the start resounds.

To the laughing and crying companion who supported me anytime. There's only one word sent wholeheartedly, "Thank you".

I promise to love you for 100 years.
You are my everything.
I love you, I love only you.
It is a promise that is not going to change tomorrow.

There is only one person for me in the whole world, I chose you.
My future with you will always shine ..


One Love lyric - Arashi @ Lirikami

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