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Time Reversion - Diary

Wind blows against my cold heart,
Leaves falls down on an autumn night,
Seven minutes to midnight ,
The emptiness is on my mind…

Silence words is all I have,
Never been so far away,
Unknown fate beyond my sight,
Since a year u gone away…

White lilies on the pond,
The shines of sun through the wall,
Linear lines shaped down the way,
Infinite scene along the day…

U said the world is wide to see,
Thousand stars means to me,
Some story in major C,
Finished up in minor key…

So short the time we have
During the bright summer time
When u said nothing will exist
Until last…

The falling shadow on that time
Brought me back to your final phrase
You said…
" someday u'll be alone"


If I have a chance to set the time reversion of our life,
From sixty second to one again,
Never let u go…

But I realized on time,
U never gonna back to me…
The tragic chapter was the end for a sadness day…

Song & Words by Fi
Performed by Tan/Asheed/Aien/Fi/Arul

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