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Lirik Lagu Carefree : Jay Park (Lyrics)

Lirik Lagu Carefree : Jay Park 

Girl, let me say that you are more amazing/
you got me thinking that i can do everything/
u got me thinking that nothing imposiple /

your my everything
your the one who gives me strength
your the one who heals my pain
your the one who makes my day

you don’t have to be scare
i’ll always be there
i’ll be there for you

i’ll love you always
i’m never lonely
as long have you

i’m care free with you by my side , u always down to ride with me
i’m care free not a care in the world just me and my girls , we are care free , care free , care free , oh yeah…

remember our first date and the first time we held hands
i knew right then and there i would be your man

you make me a better person
you have got the sweetest touch the sweetest hips the sweetest lips the sweetest kiss oh

with you i’m in the sky i’m a bird
i’m a plane ufo superman girl i’m soaring
just me and my girl, looking down and the world, we space jammin michael jordan
we so relaxed in cool chillin by the pool girl you my honey and i’m winnie the pooh
just us two we ain’t worried boutta thang
let’s cut loose and i’ll show u how to hang
even if we running into hardships
it’sall good together we can solve em
don’t feel no pressure from society
even though industry suits always be eyeing me
yeah we bending all the rules
yeah i hustle hard but i ain’t working mule

call me wiz and not jay park
i work hard play hard work hard play hard


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