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Lirik Lagu Jangan Nangis - Salammusik

Lirik Lagu Jangan Nangis - Salammusik

From a sunny day,
the wind starts to blow,
leaves falling of the trees but they wont stop to grow.

Nowhere to shade,
So all the birds fly away yeah,
Far away..
When will they come back again?
Whe will they fly back again?

And yes they fly,
towards the sun!
Where they gather and become one.
But watch ya moves, watch the signs,
as the wind will reflect, the way you fly.

Skippidy pop pop!,
beats drippity droppin from the top top,
non stop stop we diggity diggin for the crop crop,
the luv that briggity brings with reggae and hippity hippo!.
Scirrly scat for them cats that cant diggidy do what we've done,
like we run?? u see son.
We r always number one,
number one never run,
Salammusik number one
Salammusik never run run run yea...

Selamat di dalam kota yang terang,
makmur bila bersatu.
Demi persinggahan yang teristimewa,
biarpun sementara.

As i walk out the street,
i see plenty of time,
for us to love together forever.

I don't wanna stop it,
beats flying like the rocket,
I'm the sun your the moon u keep revolving around the planet.
The night was made for the lovers and the poets,
for the stars in the skies we like to watch from a summit,
as high as we can be Your love is all we need to see.
I can love u just b friendly,
we from the same earth just unite gladly,
as high as we can b your love is all we need to see.

Lyrics by Talal Zahnan, Ashraaf


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